Yalda Pashai, born in Iran, moved to Canada early in her life for further education, where she found her passion in photography.  She processes a constant desire for knowledge and understanding in photojournalism and the creative arts. Yalda graduated with a BFA in Photography Studies from Ryerson University in Toronto. Fluent in English, Farsi, Azeri and Turkish, Yalda lived in different countries as a child where she understood the importance of culture and the effects of language barriers. This has greatly influenced her work and to travel, using photography as a powerful tool to tell the story of others.

She is available for projects.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your site. Your art engages the viewer deeply through the stories you weave with images, poetry, words and sound. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing,


  2. Hi Yalda, Ive just seen your work featured on foto8, its interesting to see someone exploring the relationship between identity and religion. Ive recently explored homosexuality in the catholic church,


    I love lighting you have used and how it makes you really focus on each individual, I think these issues are so important to keep on struggling with using photography and to open a wider audiences eyes to them.


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