The Representation

This diptych is a documentation of challenging the structure of identification and imagery of representation of gender within our contemporary western society. We have come to understand and recognize sex differences but identifying gender has always been problematic. In this diptych, we have two males expressing themselves in two different ways that contrast each other.
The picture on the left speaks about the stereotypical representation of a male; the body language shows his confidence about his masculinity, while in the background the female audiences supporting this stereotype of male by the activeness of their gaze.
The picture on right is a figure of what we recognize as female; identified by clothing, makeup and the feminine pose. Meanwhile, the audience realizes the sex as a male, expressing himself as his opposite gender; this breaks the normality and structure of identification.
The audiences in both pictures are metaphors of society and how people engage themselves with gender issues. The issue that’s corresponding with these two photographs is our society not being able to accept different gender identities with in one person or as a whole community.

Gender Issues 2009
Gender Issues 2009

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