3 thoughts on “The other side of beauty

    1. Arash- Good job on interpreting the photograph! haha ..yes, it is a sublime image (to me), it shows the beauty of nature and yet how ‘cruel’ it may get. It’s not completely in black and white, but I have obviously worked on the saturation. If it would have been in colour, the only ‘colour’ that would pop out would be the land on the left hand side, which would have been distracting. Also, the b&w layer exaggerates the act of nature. (does it make sense?)

      Kiana- YES!! let’s switch them up!!!!!!!!

  1. When I look at this picture I feel greatness. To elaborate, I begin to think about the awesomeness of nature and begin to question humanities sanctity or lack there of towards it. It’s a peaceful feeling, coupled with the undeniable feeling of the destructive power that this storm is brewing. I’m not a technical expert, but I will risk asserting that I believe the aperture setting used to capture this image helps portray the vibrancy and lively characteristics of sky, land and ocean. Perhaps you can tell us why you chose to show this image in black and white? I can give you my thoughts, but I would like to hear yours. My only bit of contention with this image is that there is not a pirate ship, or object over the water, but then again my imagination runs wild sometimes. Other than that, I believe the title of this image is fitting, and this is a striking.

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